PINTRO-P1000PINTRO® P1000 is a semiautomatic skewer machine and puts together skewers as if they were pierced by hand. This machine is meant for large-scale food producers such as suppliers to the hospitality industry or other businesses that produce brochettes, satays and skewers in large quantities. The end product appears artisanal yet uniform and ensures consistent quality.

One operator is needed to control the machine, while 2 to 4 workers are needed to place the ingredients on the product holders. More or fewer workers may be needed, depending on the number of ingredients per skewer. The P1000 is simple to use for everyone.

PINTRO® P1000 is perfectly suited for use together with the PINTRO® Pick & Place. This installation with robot(s) ensures automatic filling of the product holders—that means only 1 operator is needed to make a large number of skewers at a time (up to 800 per hour).

>>> Pictures and examples of finished products

Technical specifications

Stick length: 60-300 mm
Stick type: round bamboo or wood
Load capacity: Ø3.5mm + -2.000pc
Quantity: 1000 sticks per hour
Quantity in realistic conditions: +/- 800 skewers/h
Dimensions (lxwxh): 1135 x 701 x 2060 mm
Net weight: 270kg
Materials: mainly HDPE and stainless steel 304
Voltage: 230V
Compressed air: 6 bar

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