PINTRO P720 skewering machine


The PINTRO P720 is an industrial kabob machine for large and mid-sized businesses, suppliers of kabobs to the snack and food industry, chip stalls, etc. Intended for daily production of kabobs.
  • 720 skewers / kabobs per hour
  • Maintains a traditional-style look and feel for the product
  • Ergonomic and hygienic operation
  • All skewers have an even look
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  • Maximum capacity: 720 skewers per hour
  • Number of operators: 1-4
  • Skewer weight: 5 to 400 grams
  • Stick length: 120 to 400 mm, diameter 3 to 6 mm
  • Type of stick: wood & bamboo, round, gunshape (Teppo Gushi) and stainless steel*
  • Type of skewer / kabob: satay, shashlik, skewer, kabob, poultry, fish, vegetable, fruit, candy, …
  • FDA compliant components: mainly 304 stainless steel and HDPE1000
  • Cleaning: machine and components are dishwasher safe and may be cleaned using a hot water high pressure hose (max 70°C).
  • Maintenance: fully mechanical machine, no lubrication needed.

* The stainless steel sticks must have an arrow shaped tip >. The use of sticks with diagonally cut tips will result in damaging the moulds or create hazardous situations. Use stainless steel sticks that are intended for machine use only!

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Fast and safe operation

We recommend working with at least 3 persons when using this appliance.

Two persons do the preparation by filling the product moulds while the third one operates the PINTRO skewering machine. To optimise productivity, a constant supply of filled product moulds for the PINTRO P720 operator needs to be maintained.

Test our P720 yourself during a demonstration from us. Discover the ease of use and all the other advantages of our skewering machines.

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Production principle video

Finished product

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit,…our PINTRO P720 makes great skewers!
  • All skewers / kabobs are even
  • Traditional-style look and feel
  • Spacing of the ingredients can be defined
  • Number of pieces / chunks can be adjusted
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The advantages of the manual skewer machine P720.

PINTRO Skewer Machines enable you to mount products onto a skewer easily and hygienically, without sacrificing the artisanal appearance of the kebab, brochette or shashlik. PINTRO has a solution for smaller and mid-sized businesses as well as for industrial use. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, candy… PINTRO P720 skewers it all.
The appliance’s principle is a globally patented idea from a butcher who made skewers on a large scale and who devoted his time searching for a more efficient solution to produce skewers, without sacrificing their artisanal nature. In 2007, he joined hands with SMO to continue developing the device into a market-ready product.
PINTRO kippenbrochette manuele machine
worstjes saté
saté rund

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