The PINTRO® P3000 is the newest addition among the semi-automatic skewer machines. It is ideal for industrial major seasonal production quantities of up to 24,000 skewers per shift. The central theme is the traditional appearance of the skewer; constant quality, ergonomics and productivity.
  • 3000 skewers / kabobs per hour
  • Maintains a traditional-style look and feel of the product
  • Ergonomic and hygienic operation
  • All skewers have an even look
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  • Maximum capacity: 3000 skewers per hour
  • Number of operators: 1 operator + 2 – 10 fillers
  • Skewer weight: 5 to 350 grams
  • Stick length: 150 to 300 mm, diameter 3 to 6 mm
  • Type of stick: wood & bamboo (round)
  • Type of skewer / kabob: satay, shashlik, skewer, kabob, poultry, fish, vegetable, fruit, candy, …
  • Remote access monitoring: Our PINTRO P3000 can be connected to a network (via Ethernet cable). This allows to monitor the operation live and from a distance. You can follow-up on operations in real-time, monitor the actual production capacity, consult the number of skewers produced today and the total number of completed machine cycles. Error messages will display instantly.
  • Cleaning: The machine was built to allow for easy access during the cleaning process. Most of its components are built to IP69K clean design specifications and are suited for operation in cold and humid environments.

Fast and safe operation

In developing this machine, we took account of the highest possible capacity, an ergonomic, pleasant and safe working method for the operators, simple conversion for making other skewers and, of course, the traditional final result of the skewer.

Two master stations are occupied by on the one hand the machine’s operator and on the other hand a team that fills the moulds with ingredients.

One operator removes the formed skwers from the installation and performs a visual final inspection. A number of ‘fillers’ supply the moulds with the ingredients. The number of fillers depends on the quantity and diversity of the different components of the skewer. The installation has room for a maximum of ten fillers.

We have provided convenient filling towers so that the fillers only need to make as few movements as possible with plenty of autonomy.

The HMI display and its menu provide simple controls for e.g. making another type of skewer; it includes instructions and other relevant information such as the productivity.

Want to see our P3000 skewer machine live in action? During a demonstration in our PINTROlab demoroom we show you how the machine works and you can see the advantages of it.

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Finished product

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit,…our PINTRO P3000 makes great skewers!
  • All skewers / kabobs are even
  • Traditional-style look and feel
  • Spacing of the ingredients can be defined
  • Number of pieces / chunks can be adjusted
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A range of skewering machines for every purpose.

PINTRO Skewer Machines enable you to mount products onto a skewer easily and hygienically, without sacrificing the artisanal appearance of the kebab, brochette or shashlik. PINTRO has a solution for smaller and mid-sized businesses as well as for industrial use. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, candy… PINTRO skewers it all.
The appliance’s principle is a globally patented idea from a butcher who made skewers on a large scale and who devoted his time searching for a more efficient solution to produce skewers, without sacrificing their artisanal nature. In 2007, he joined hands with SMO to continue developing the device into a market-ready product 
PINTRO kippenbrochette manuele machine
worstjes saté
saté rund

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