PINTRO P160 manual skewering machine


The PINTRO P160 is a skewer machine for butchers or other businesses that make skewers on a smaller scale
  • 160 skewers / kabobs per hour
  • Maintains a traditional-style look and feel of the product
  • Ergonomic and hygienic operation
  • All skewers have an even look
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  • Maximum capacity: 160 skewers per hour
  • Number of operators: 1-2
  • Skewer weight: 20 to 250 grams
  • Stick length: 120 to 280 mm, diameter 4 mm
  • Type of stick: wood & bamboo, round and gunshape (Teppo Gushi)
  • Type of skewer / kabob: satay, shashlik, skewer, kabob, poultry, fish, vegetable, fruit, candy, …
  • FDA compliant components: mainly 304 stainless steel and HDPE1000
  • Cleaning: machine and components are dishwasher safe and may be cleaned using a hot water high pressure hose (max 70°C).
  • Maintenance: fully mechanical machine, no lubrication needed.
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Fast and safe operation

1 person can easily operate this machine.

In order to keep the skewering sticks and the machine clean as well as to maintain the production speed, we advise to commit two persons to the skewering process. One who fills the product moulds and another one who operates the skewering machine.

Want to test this machine before buying? PINTRO offers demonstrations of this P160 skewering machine.

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Finished product

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit,…our PINTRO P160 makes great skewers!
  • All skewers / kabobs are even
  • Traditional-style look and feel
  • Spacing of the ingredients can be defined
  • Number of pieces / chunks can be adjusted
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The advantages of the manual skewer machine P160.

PINTRO Skewer Machines enable you to mount products onto a skewer easily and hygienically, without sacrificing the artisanal appearance of the kebab, brochette or shashlik. PINTRO has a solution for smaller and mid-sized businesses as well as for industrial use. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, candy… PINTRO P160 skewers it all.
The appliance’s principle is a globally patented idea from a butcher who made skewers on a large scale and who devoted his time searching for a more efficient solution to produce skewers, without sacrificing their artisanal nature. In 2007, he joined hands with SMO to continue developing the device into a market-ready product.
PINTRO kippenbrochette manuele machine
worstjes saté
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