MBF 50-C industirële gehaktballenmachine

Meatball Former MBF 50-C

PINTRO®’s meatball former MBF 50-C is the appliance of choice for producing large quantities of meatballs in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from smaller soup meatballs to medium and large party-sized meatballs. Changing sizes is easy and quick. The device carries the CE label, was built to DIN EN 349 specifications and the components mainly consist of high quality poly acetate and stainless steel.
  • High capacity
  • Steady weight
  • Traditional looking product
  • Choose from different weights
  • Hygienic
  • Can be used in combination with most types of sausage fillers
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  • Recommended for: medium enterprises and industrial suppliers
  • Meatball weight: 2gr to 45gr
  • Capacity (depending meatball size):
    • 200 – 650kg/h (depending meatball size)
    • 270 – 800 portions / minute
  • FDA approved: mainly 304 stainless steel and HDPE1000
  • Safety: This robust device carries the CE label and was built to meet the severe DIN EN 349 specifications (Safety of machinery – minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body).
  • Cleaning: The device was built to IP 67 rating. Most components are dishwasher proof. Besides cleaning the machine does not require any specific maintenance and the conveyor can easily be removed.
  • Technical specifications:
    • Voltage: ~230V
    • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Overheating protection: Thermal fuse 1A
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MBF 50-C industirële gehaktballenmachine

Fast and safe operation

The machine comes with an adapted flange so that it can easily be connected to virtually every sausage filler. Both with hydraulic and vacuum types of stuffers. You don’t have a filler / stuffer yet? Feel free to contact us for assistance.



Finished product

All meatballs are even, have a constant weight and maintain
the handmade look.
  • Applications: meat, fish, chicken, falafel, potato, shrimp, cheese, …
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Pick a calibre

Pintro gehaktbalvormer caliber diameter-18mm (1)


The Ø18mm calibre produces ±4gr meatballs reaching a total weight of ±195kg/hour.

  • Ø18mm
  • Ø25mm

    The Ø25mm calibre produces ±12gr meatballs reaching a total weight of ±250kg/hour.

  • Ø25mm
  • Ø30mm

    The Ø30mm calibre produces ±20gr meatballs reaching a total weight of ±320kg/hour.

  • Ø30mm
  • Ø37mm

    The Ø37mm calibre produces ±30gr meatballs reaching a total weight of ±480kg/hour.

  • Ø37mm
  • Ø42mm

    The Ø42mm calibre produces ±40gr meatballs reaching a total weight of ±350kg/hour.

  • Ø42mm
  • MBF 50-C meatball former sproeisysteem


    A sprinkler system rinses the conveyor belts which helps a lot when using sticky ingredients.

  • Sprinklers
    • Also take a look at our other meatball former, the MBF 50

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