PINTRO P1000 semi-automatische brochettemachine


PINTRO® P1000 is a semi-automatic skewer machine that assembles skewers as if they were pierced by hand. This machine is meant for large-scale food producers such as suppliers to the hospitality industry or other businesses that produce brochettes, satays and skewers in large quantities. The end product appears artisanal yet uniform and ensures consistent quality.
  • 1000 skewers / kabobs per hour
  • Maintains a traditional-style look and feel for the product
  • Ergonomic and hygienic operation
  • All skewers have an even look
  • Compact machine: 100 x 70 cm
  • Mobility: using a pallet jack
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  • Maximum capacity: 1000 skewers per hour
  • Number of operators: 1 operator + 2 – 4 fillers
  • Skewer weight: 5 to 350 grams
  • Stick length: 60 to 300 mm, diameter 3 to 6 mm
  • Type of stick: wood & bamboo (round)
  • Type of skewer / kabob: satay, shashlik, skewer, kabob, poultry, fish, vegetable, fruit, candy, …
  • Remote access monitoring: Our PINTRO P1000 can be connected to a network (via Ethernet cable). This allows to monitor the operation live and from a distance. You can follow-up on operations in real-time, monitor the actual production capacity, consult the number of skewers produced today and the total number of completed machine cycles. Error messages will display instantly.
  • Cleaning: The machine was built to allow for easy access during the cleaning process. Most of its components are built to IP69K clean design specifications and are suited for operation in cold and humid environments.
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PINTRO P1000 half automatische spiesmachine

Fast and safe operation

One operator is needed to control the machine, while 2 to 4 workers are needed to place the ingredients on the product holders. More or fewer workers may be needed, depending on the number of ingredients per skewer. The PINTRO P1000 is simple to use for everyone.

Want to see this skewer machine live in action and test it yourself? Discover the ease of use and aal of the other advantages of our PINTRO P1000 during a demonstration.

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Finished product

Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit,…our PINTRO P1000 makes great skewers!
  • All skewers / kabobs are even
  • Traditional-style look and feel
  • Spacing of the ingredients can be defined
  • Number of pieces / chunks can be adjusted
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A range of skewering machines for every purpose.

PINTRO Skewer Machines enable you to mount products onto a skewer easily and hygienically, without sacrificing the artisanal appearance of the kebab, brochette or shashlik. PINTRO has a solution for smaller and mid-sized businesses as well as for industrial use. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, candy… PINTRO P1000 skewers it all.
The appliance’s principle is a globally patented idea from a butcher who made skewers on a large scale and who devoted his time searching for a more efficient solution to produce skewers, without sacrificing their artisanal nature. In 2007, he joined hands with SMO to continue developing the device into a market-ready product.
PINTRO kippenbrochette manuele machine
worstjes saté
saté rund

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