Pick & Skewer

PINTRO-Pick&PlacePINTRO® Pick & Skewer is the world’s first machine that makes skewers fully-automatically. Just one logistics person ensures the supply for the entire installation. An additional person may be required for skwers that are more complex.


One robot can skewer up to 3,000 components per hour. Depending on the required capacity, one Pick & Skewer installation can comprise up to as many as five robots, resulting in a total capacity of 15,000 components per hour!

We have developed the installation to enable it to run multiple shifts per day.


You can use different stick lengths and different stick types in the machine, such as round, bamboo gun shaped (flag sticks) and stainless steel. We have fitted a loader for the wooden and flag sticks, which selects the sticks automatically and presents them to the robot.

Meat, poultry, fish, bell peppers, onions, bacon, pineapple, dried fruit etc. You name it, the Pick & Skewer detects and skewers the lot.


The Pick & Skewer installation is the automatic skewer machine with the very highest productivity. In some cases, just one logistics person is required to supply the installation with ingredients.

The ingredients are emptied into a hopper, which provides a buffer so that the system can operate autonomously for a certain period of time.

The vision technology provides exact positioning of the ingredients and communicates this to the robot(s). The specially designed software and grippers ensure a perfect traditional appearance and constant quality. (For example, the gripper can pick up a piece of meat lengthwise and skewer it in the same direction, and there is an option to select e.g. only to skewer the onions convex side up).

Once the skewer has been completed, it is laid on a conveyor belt and removed to a central point.

An additional operator may be required, depending on the number of different components and their types.

The HMI display and its menu provide simple controls for e.g. making another type of skewer; it includes instructions and other relevant information such as the productivity.

Final result

The patented principle ensures a perfect traditional skewer, each time again:

  • The vision system, in combination with the unique gripper, ensures that each piece of meat is skewered lengthwise, centrally over the stick. The gripper is always custom-designed.
  • The vegetables are sucked in and always skewered centrally on the stick.
  • This means that the vegetables and stick are kept free of any marinades and so retain their fresh appearance
  • The system has no problem at all with irregular, uneven pieces. Do you want to skewer the onion concave or convex side up? The installation can deal with that too!
  • The skewers are removed to one central point
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