PINTRO through the eyes of a colleague: Ferme des Gimeys

“The lack of available staff for this monotonous work and a considerable growth in production prompted us to look for a solution to improve the production process for our brochettes, which was far too slow. I discovered PINTRO on the internet. As it seemed to be a reliable company, I decided – after a convincing demonstration at my farm – to buy the P480 manual skewering machine.

As promised, the consistent result and artisan aspect are so good that my customers are simply unable to believe that my skewers are produced using a machine! The time I gain by making my skewers with the PINTRO machine, I can spend on other activities. I have been using the P480 for four years. What I like best is its ease of use, the easy cleaning, the price/quality ratio and the satisfying work process.

If I were to recommend the PINTRO to my colleagues, I would say that it is a functional and reliable machine, and that our cooperation with this manufacturer has been great.”

Mister Jean Maurice Bidon
Ferme des Gimeys, Sexey-aux-Forges, France

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