The manual hamburger presses are must-have devices in your workplace. With the Burger Enterprise hamburger presses, you can now quickly and hygienically make patties that will look fun and original on your counter.

Burger Enterprise is suitable for butcher shops, restaurants, suppliers, catering firms, etc.

Manual hamburger press
The manually operated hamburger presses are available in five shapes: traditional round and modern square hamburgers, funny faces, lucky four-leaf clovers and romantic hearts.

Several of these are available in two sizes: regular (traditional 100-160g volume) and catering (30-50g, ideal for parties and other events).

Meat Cakes
Discover a new and original way to make hamburgers!
Transform a traditional hamburger into a unique-looking meat cake that will make your mouth water in just three steps: simply press, fill and fry! The meat cakes are available in two sizes: large (approx. 135g) and bite-sized (approx. 25g), ideal for parties and other events.

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