Online PINTRO demonstrations

PINTRO manual skewering machines

At PINTRO we do everything to serve you to the best of our abilities, even during these difficult corona-times. Besides the fact that our business continues to be open, we can not only supply most of our machines that are available from stock, but we would also like to continue to provide product demonstrations.

This is why PINTRO launches online demonstrations. This is how it works: complete the PINTRO demonstration request form on this page. We will then contact you to fix the appointment date and time, the machine type to be used and ingrediënts (depending on the available ingredients). The demonstration will be held via a videoconference (Skype, Facebook, Messenger Call, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp,…)

During the demonstration you will learn the multiple possibilities of the machine and its ease of use. Of course, our demonstrator will be there to directly answer all of your questions during the call.

Book your demonstration today by completing the request form on this page.

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