PINTRO®’s meatball shaper is the appliance of choice for producing large quantities of meatballs in different shapes and sizes. You can choose smaller soup meatballs to medium and large party-sized meatballs. Changing sizes is easy and quick.

The semi-industrial meatball shaper is very easy to use and can easily produce thousands of meatballs per hour.
Maintenance is very easy, and most parts are dishwasher proof (up to 80°C).

The meatball shaper can be connected to most existing sausage fillers or stuffers and can be used in combination with a hydraulic of vacuum stuffer. Check video below on how to mount on a stuffer.

Simply swap the container for another size to make larger or smaller meatballs.

Operation: Assembly:

Technical specifications

Ø balls | weight | capacity
18mm | ±04g | ±195kg/h
25mm | ±13g | ±420kg/h !New!
30mm | ±20g | ±320kg/h
37mm | ±30g | ±480kg/h
42mm | ±40g | ±650kg/h

Basic machine weight: 12,5kg
Weight caliber: 1,50kg

Connection to stuffer/filler:
standard flange: Ø58mm, Ø63mm, Ø72mm, Ø85mm. 1 size of your choice is delivered to you. In order to connect it, you need a flange in a size equal to the diameter of the largest point of your nozzle’s collar. Check image below.

Voltage: ~230V
Overheating protection: Thermic fuse 1A

Meatballs, fish, poultry

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