Patrice Vasserot, Boucherie de la Sainte Baume, La Destrousse France

Thanks to the PINTRO, we have rediscovered the fun of producing handmade kebabs!

After the demonstration by David Garcia from PINTRO, we could immediately see the benefits of the manual kebab machine.

At last, a simple machine that helps us to produce kebabs more quickly without affecting the handmade appearance of the kebab! We have tested various machines in the past for producing handmade kebabs, but PINTRO is the best of all of them!

We work in a team of 2 people: one does the preparation, while the other makes the kebabs at the same time, using the PINTRO P480.

Thanks to the PINTRO, we have rediscovered the fun of producing handmade kebabs!

Bugey Volailles, Oyonnax, France

“Not only do the brochettes look very attractive and appetizing, they are uniformly cut and look as if they were skewered by hand”

We currently use a PINTRO model P480 and are very pleased with the brochettes produced by the machine. Not only do they look very attractive and appetizing, they are uniformly cut and look as if they were skewered by hand. We make about 700 to 800 kilos of skewers a week in the peak season.

To take our capacity and efficiency to the next level, we decided to order its big brother, the PINTRO P720. We currently employ three people: two people for the preparatory work and one person to operate the machine. If using the P480 saved us a lot of time, this is sure to be an even greater improvement!

AD Delhaize, Berendrecht, Belgium

“We were searching for higher quality brochettes”

Considering that making brochettes is labour-intensive work and is something that not many people enjoy doing, I was obliged to order brochettes from the central warehouse. They only have 1 quality. I also wanted to guarantee my customers the same quality as my other products. Ever since I make my brochettes with PINTRO, I decide for myself what quality of meat we use for the brochettes. Our turnover from brochettes has increased significantly since we use it.

We were also looking for a solution to be able to make many brochettes in a short amount of time, without having to compromise on quality. In the barbecue season it is not always easy to meet the demand. Even though we ask our customers to order on time, we regularly receive additional last-minute orders. We can now accommodate these peaks more easily thanks to PINTRO.

Read the entire article, “Increased turnover with PINTRO” (Only in Dutch)

NV Vlaemynck, Veurne, Belgium

“How do you push a skewer through a corncob?”

As a supplier of vegetables, I was asked to make vegetable brochettes. I was searching for a solution to skewer hard items that are impossible to thread by hand. I was facing a dilemma as to whether to accept the job or not. I had a dual problem: on the one hand, I was searching for a solution to be able to make brochettes efficiently and quickly; on the other hand, I needed a way to thread a corncob on the stick. The latter is nearly impossible to do by hand. Then we discovered PINTRO, which offered us a solution for both issues. Given that our brochette deviates from many others, PINTRO provided us a customized solution.

Gastronome Nueil, Nueil-les-Aubiers, France

“We wanted an industrial increase of capacity while retaining the artisanal appearance of our brochettes”

Making brochettes or kebabs is labour-intensive work in which the man-hours are a major cost. We make brochettes on an industrial scale. During the summer months we work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. We needed to find an efficient solution in order to remain competitive. After some searching, PINTRO turned out to be the best solution for us. Thanks to PINTRO, we now achieve 30% time savings. It’s an affordable investment that pays off very quickly and we retain the artisanal nature of our brochettes.

Brabantland Catering, Elshout, The Netherlands

“It is a challenge to make threading skewers enjoyable”

Having a catering business, we regularly have to thread a large number of chicken kebabs. We doubted for a while whether or not we should use a PINTRO. We recognized the advantages, but it was still a significant investment. We finally took the plunge, and our doubt turned out to be unfounded! PINTRO met all our expectations!

Dufrais Boucher, Hamme-Mille, Belgium

“An affordable solution to meet the demand for brochettes”

Our butcher shop is open on Sundays and holidays. It is essential to always have a supply of brochettes without having too much left over at the end of the day. Thus we were looking for a solution to be able to quickly make brochettes ‘on the spot’.
We used to make all the kebabs by hand. During busy times, however, we could not meet the demand, so that on Sundays we sometimes ran out of brochettes at 11am. This changed after we purchased the PINTRO machine. Now we make an additional supply of brochettes quickly and easily and we no longer run out.

Restaurant We Grill, London, England

“Your machine is changing the world of skewers for us!”

We are very happy indeed with the Pintro Machine as the results are visibly better than assembling by hand, not mentioning the fact that it takes less than half the time needed to make the skewers manually. The machine is sturdy, extremely user-friendly and easy to clean. We like that we can use it with a multitude of ingredients, from savoury to sweet and the result is always the same. We highly recommend the PINTRO machine as it is a beautiful equipment, very professional looking and makes life so much easier! Your machine is changing the world of skewers for us!

Butcher shop E. Leclerc Atlantis, Saint-Herblain Cedex, France

“Thanks to the P160, we can offer 15 trays of different types of satays to our clients.”

We are very happy to receive our new PINTRO machine P160. We started working with the machine the same day of its arrival and its efficiency was as clear as day after only a few tries. The P160 meets up to our expectations and the satays it produces look perfect. We started off with 1 single tray of satays, but now, thanks to the P160, we can already offer 15 trays of different types of satays to our clients.

Butcher shop Jos en Roy Havermans, Wagenberg, The Netherlands

“Now we can tackle busy moments with easy: bring it on, we say!”

The PINTRO skewer machine has really made a difference in our productivity! Last year, 8 people came by on a weekly basis to help, but it just was not enough!

When we have a shortage of kabobs now, we just pop a few of them on a stick with the PINTRO P720!

Whereas before we needed 2 days and 8 people to make the brochettes necessary for the week, nowadays, we need only 4 people and it can all be done in one single day!

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