Frequently asked questions

Here is an overview of the most asked questions by customers. Still need more information? Please contact us!

What voltage is required for PINTRO appliances?

PINTRO is 100% mechanical. Electricity is not needed at all.

Are PINTRO appliances CE approved?

PINTRO bears the CE mark and is thus in accordance with European regulations.

PINTRO complies with all safety criteria that machines must meet. (The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)). The required certificates are always supplied along with the appliances.

Are PINTRO appliances approved for use with food?

The machines consist mainly of HDPE and stainless steel and are therefore allowed to come into contact with food. The required certificates are always supplied along with the appliances. The same applies to the product trays.

What type of maintenance do these machines need?

The machines and food trays must be cleaned after each use. This can be done in a (industrial) dishwasher or with a high-pressure cleaner. The appliance does not need additional special maintenance such as oil or other products.

Is training available?

Training and integration in the workplace is available. You can make use of PINTRO’s services for a training course or integration into your business at a daily rate. In this way you can optimally utilise the PINTRO skewering appliance right from the start and get working without much lost time. A proper and planned integration and organization of PINTRO into your industrial business contribute to even higher efficiency. We are happy to assist you with bespoke advice.

What kinds of skewers, brochettes or kebabs can I make with PINTRO?

Just about any brochette that you can skewer by hand can also be done using a PINTRO. Certain hard products such as corn, which can hardly be skewered by hand, can be handled by PINTRO! Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, candies… You name it!

Which skewers, brochettes or kebabs can I NOT make with PINTRO?

PINTRO pays much attention to the final result of the shashlik or brochette, particularly the artisanal appearance. This principle does not make it possible to, for instance, place a single long piece on a skewer. Particular to PINTRO is that it threads various cubes or pieces onto the stick.

How many pieces can be placed on a stick using PINTRO?

Depending on the size of the pieces and length of the stick, 1 to 20 pieces can be skewered.

Can I create different types of brochettes using the same machine?

The food trays rather than the machine determine the result or the type of brochette. There are several food trays available depending on the size and type of the pieces. We have standard trays with round cavities, which are suitable for most products. We also have special trays for shrimp, mini-chipolatas and other items.

What about marinades? Is that also possible using a PINTRO?

That is perfectly possible with PINTRO, but then we advise working with 2 persons. 1 person fills the trays with the marinated meat, and the other operates the PINTRO. In this way the appliance does not become too dirty and the sticks also remain clean.

I would like to try an appliance, is that possible?

We have a demonstration space available. You can always bring your own products to us for a test.

What if something breaks on the machine?

PINTRO provides a standard 12-months factory warranty on its appliances. Of course, we always have a technical team available after that. Since it is a 100% mechanical appliance that is robustly built, we can assure you that little can go wrong. You may always contact us via the support page for further questions in this regard.

Which PINTRO model is most suitable for me?

If you still do not know which type best suits your needs after visiting the product page, please contact us via the contact page for further advice.

How many people are needed to operate a PINTRO?

In principle, 1 person can operate each type of PINTRO. Depending on the type of PINTRO, 1 to 3 additional persons might be useful for preparing the food trays. In which case, they place the ingredients in the trays so that the person operating the PINTRO appliance stays constantly supplied and thus can work non-stop. This ensures optimal use of the capacity of the appliance.

I only produce a few hundred kebabs per week. Is PINTRO an interesting option?

PINTRO has many advantages that are also very interesting for the smaller entrepreneur.

PINTRO for industrial applications?

PINTRO has already found its place in multiple industries that produce shashlik brochettes on a large scale. Please contact us for more information or when in doubt. Ask about our conditions concerning renting and purchasing options, including training.

Fully automated skewering machine

We have high regard for R&D and innovation and so naturally we take part in the trend of (semi-) automatic production of kebabs, brochettes and shashlik. We always work on improvements and further, more extensive automation. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter if you also wish to remain informed of our further developments.

Where are these appliances manufactured?

Innovation, development and assembly happen entirely on Belgian soil at the SMO company.

I cannot find an answer to my question here.

If you still have questions but do not find an answer here, go to the contact page and let us know.

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