PINTRO automatic skewering machines for satays and brochettes enable large food processing companies to efficiently prepare large volumes of artisanal satays, brochettes and kebabs and other skewered meat products.

The automation takes place at two levels:

  • On the one hand, there is the semi-automatic PINTRO P1000, which always requires an operator, and can be used to create the brochette or other skewered meat product. The operator makes sure that the ingredients are supplied to the machine on filled trays, and takes the skewers out of the P1000 when they are ready.
  • On the other hand, there is the fully automatic PINTRO Pick & Place that automatically fills the product trays with the ingredients to be skewered. The filled trays can subsequently be used to supply the semi-automatic P1000 or the manually operated PINTRO P720.

The designer and inventor of these machines, SMO bvba, is specialised in custom mechanical engineering and the automation of industrial operating processes. SMO will be happy to propose a custom solution for the integration of these satay and brochette machines in your current working environment.


PINTRO® P1000 is the largest among the PINTRO® skewer machines. This semiautomatic skewer machine puts together skewers as if they were pierced by hand.

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Pick & Place

PINTRO® Pick & Place is a revolutionary system designed for filling PINTRO® P1000 and/or PINTRO® P720 product holders. This combination ensures an enormous labor savings in your production process.

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