PINTRO Skewer Machines guarantees labour-saving pin-through machines that stand for quality and innovation and that is suitable for small and medium entrepreneurs as well as industrial companies. PINTRO has standard-built models but has also the flexibility to cater to your particular needs.


PINTRO is a proprietary product from machine manufacturer SMO from EEKLO, Belgium.

The appliance’s principle is a globally patented idea from a butcher who made skewers on a large scale and who devoted his time searching for a more efficient solution to produce skewers, without sacrificing their artisanal nature. In 2007, he joined hands with SMO to continue developing the device into a market-ready product.

In 2011, after having performed research for a couple of years, PINTRO successfully started with the commercialization of the product. Today, many businesses around the world are happily using PINTRO.

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