Make large quantities of hamburgers quickly and hygienically!

The PINTRO hamburger forming machine makes it possible for 1 person to make up to 1000 hamburgers per hour! PINTRO hamburger former  needs to be attached to a piston or vacuum filler or stuffer.

The PINTRO hamburger forming machine is suitable for big and small butcher shops, catering, etc.

Standard discs Hamburger

Next forms are standard:

  • Round:
    • diameter 90mm | height 17mm | weight +-110gr
    • diameter 100mm | height 17mm | weight +-130gr
    • diameter 110mm | height 17mm | weight +-160gr
    • diameter 90mm | height 25mm | weight +-160gr
    • diameter 150mm | height 10mm | weight +-180gr (Only compatible with Hamburger former XL)
  • Oval:
    • Height 17mm | weight +-100gr
    • Height 25mm | weight +-150gr
  • Square:
    • 95mm | height 17mm | weight +-150gr
    • 85mm | height 25mm | weight +-160gr
  • Lamb Epigram:
    • Height 17mm | weight +-75gr

Your seize not in this list? Don’t worry, we make also customized discs, please contact us!

Suitable for all hamburger producers!

When it comes to production speed, simplicity and hygiene, the Burger Enterprise is by far the most suitable solution for big and small butcher shops, restaurants, suppliers, catering firms, etc. to make patty burgers. There is no other hamburger forming system in existence that is as easy to use and that has the same capacity as the Burger Enterprise.

Up to 1000 hamburger per hour

You can make hamburgers very swiftly with the PINTRO hamburger former. It is almost impossible to compare it to the manual production system simply because the difference is too big. With the Burger Enterprise, you can make hamburgers at least ten times faster than when you would make them manually. Even when you compare it to other ways of making hamburgers, the Burger Enterprise is still a better and faster alternative. You can count on a productivity increase with minimum 25%. The Burger Enterprise Hamburger forming machine is a must-have for every producer of hamburgers in the world.

Compatible with all types of piston filler or vacuum stuffers!

The PINTRO hamburger former fits on every stuffer or filler! The machine can be used with a standard flange (delivered with machine) on every brand and every type stuffer.

Hygienic and ergonomic

Making hamburgers easily and cleanly!
The PINTRO hamburger former is a compact and useful machine that is very easy to work with.
The forming disc is easily turned with the push-out axis, and it also pushes the hamburgers out of the mould without any problems.

Payable investment, great return

For the big hamburger producers, the PINTRO hamburger forming machine will have already reimbursed itself after only a week!

The Burger Enterprise is being sold at a very interesting price. Due to the fact that you can produce at a significantly higher speed, the return on investment is very quick.

Hamburger forming discs can also be custom-made!

Compact and light machine

The Burger Enterprise is a compact and light machine that is easily usable in each chain of production.

Dimensions: L x B x H: 350 x 377 x 114 mm
Weight: 5,2 kg net, unpacked
Materials: mainly stainless steel and HDPE

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